Mushi Ni is a restaurant in ATL combining homestyle Asian-American comfort cuisine with locally grown organic ingredients.



ATL's favorite culinary couple. 

Mushi Ni is a collaboration between wife and husband: Tanya Jimenez and Michael Le. They have never bothered with job titles, but Tanya basically runs the food side of the business and Michael does almost everything else.

Tanya was born in Manila. She moved to the States in 2006 to attend the Culinary Institute of America in New York. After graduation she worked for Chef Gordon Ramsay's The London restaurant in NYC for 5 years before moving to ATL. She worked at Bacchanalia while participating in a Women in Culinary Leadership Program Grant from the James Beard Foundation under the tutelage of Chef Anne Quatrano of Star Provisions. 

Michael was born in Saint Louis, Missouri and after graduating culinary school he spent his time living all over the United States and Europe honing his culinary skills and learning new techniques. 



Food is essential to one's health.

We realize that food is essential to one's health. As chefs we always look for somewhere to eat and try something new. But we always find ourselves driving forty-five minutes to an hour to find a place that is healthy, yummy and affordable. So we decided to make the food ourselves!!! That way our city would have a reliable option for the healthiest, yummy Asian food possible.



Our mission.

After spending years in big cities all over the world cooking in top line restaurants and hotels, mastering fine food and using top line ingredients- we wanted to create an establishment that has delicious and fun food while using the best ingredients at an affordable price.  We aim to focus on working with local farmers, small business owners and artisans.